Haute Design Experts Reveal Their Favorite Part About Being Interior Designers

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While many may think of the design life as a glamorous career path, we know that a lot of sacrifice, time, dedication and talent has to go into it if you want to be successful. Several Haute Design experts took the time to reveal what it is about their job that has them waking up with a smile on their faces every day.

Haute Design: What is the best part about being an Interior Designer?

Kelly Dunn, designer & founder of FATHOM Design Company: The best part about being an interior designer (besides shopping for a living!) is specifically the hunt for unique finds. I love searching for that perfect statement piece and collaborating with other craftsmen/women to create something special. Working with other creatives that love their skill is a privilege and an honor. We push each other to think more outside the box and the result is always stunning. For this bedroom design, I worked with talented glass blowers, lighting technicians and woodworkers to create one of a kind pieces that when blended together, tell an eclectic story.

FATHOM Design Company

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Luciana Fragali, CEO & Owner of Design Solutions Miami: I love that I get to solve my clients' problems in such a beautiful way. Each day brings a set of new and exciting challenges. I love that, in this industry, you get to interact with so many different people and teams. From clients, to artisans, to brand representatives, to electricians (who are magicians, by the way), to architects and builders. It is so collaborative and inspiring! Together we make the impossible, possible. We take the well-executed dreams and the crazy structural ideas and poof! We successfully design and deliver projects that are treasured forever.

This career has taught me tough lessons, shown me my full potential and allowed me to have a flexible schedule with my family. I have dozens and dozens of homes that are living proof of ideas I created and nurtured in my head for so long, and many happy clients who get to live their best lives in those spaces.

Design Solutions Miami

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Hafsa Burt, Studio Head at hb+a Architects: The best part about being an architect is that we’re given tool sets of a problem solver/an inventor that we utilize on a daily basis to imagine new functional solutions and create objects and spaces. I am also able to see a space in my head and get a sense of what works and what doesn’t and I attribute that to my training  and experience as an architect.  Spaces can tell a story and evoke emotions and I love having such an abstract medium of expression at my disposal.

hb+a Architects

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Chasity Centeno, Founder and Designer at Riese Design: The best part about being an interior designer is creating spaces for clients to enjoy for years to come as well as building great relationships throughout the process. Not only do we address the client's pain points, we also deliver a product that is both functional and beautiful. As a result, at the end of the project you have someone you can call a friend. Personal relationships are key and each client should be treated in a way that makes them feel as though you, yourself are investing in them. At Riese Design, our clients are part of a family!

Riese Design

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