Haute Residence’s Holiday Gift Guide

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As the holiday season gets closer and closer, we here at Haute Residence are ready to answer the eternal doom that is buying things for others during the holidays. This annual task, while daunting for some, is a great way to answer the questions that are potentially most important to others lives. For our gift guide coverage, we’ve broken it down room by room in your house. Check back for updates on everything you’ll be craving this holiday season.

For the Ensuite Bathroom: Ultimate Microcotton Bath Towels ($68)


These fluffy towels mean business. Typically, towel shopping is a mixed bag, either the things are course and soak up everything instantly, sham-wow style, or they’re like fluffy blankets that leave you dripping for hours. These towels though, soak up everything instantly, without leaving burn marks from that rigorous head shake thing we all do.


For The Bedroom: Rowenta Aqua Perfect Humidifier ($140)


It’s cold out, which means the cold air is dry, and most apartments and homes turn the heat on, which makes the air even drier. For everyone not a fan of waiting up with cottonmouth or itchy noses, a humidifier is a must. Put some life back into the air you breathe with this thing. It holds a ton of water, about one and a half gallons, and releases steam at a output capacity of up to 2.8 gallons. The humnidifier adjusts automatically and for whatever the need is for any home, that covers about 650 square feet. That makes it perfect for the living room while the fire roars, or for the kids’ new dorm room at school.


For The Closet: Rowenta Steam ‘N Press ($30)


This little guy packs a big punch. After traveling, running around, or just another day at the office, this steam machine is the perfect iron to get a suit, dress, or any garment in right shape without having to go to the dry cleaner yet again. Because of its size, its also perfectly packable in case the hotel doesn’t have that suit press machine or for the quick touch ups at the office between meetings.



For The Bedroom: Nectar’s King Mattress ($900)


This is the ultimate mattress for any home with its long staple fibers that remove for a cooler sleep, quilted gel memory foam to customize to anyone’s sleeping position (We’re looking at you, starfishers) and mutiple layers of core memory foam to react on every level. Most importantly, there is a year-long trial period for risk-free performance.



For The Home Office: The X4 by X-Chair ($1,150)

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.54.34 AM

In a design that feels closer to the Eames Chair you always wanted for the living room, this upscale office chair is the perfect balance of everything you need while working: a comfortable upright setting to hunker down in, a steady recline for when you need a minute, and a polished, classic look in tan leather, for when you’re OOO.



For The Guest Room: Nest Comforter ($300)

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.56.59 AM

While personal bedroom bedding is more important, what’s equally important is not to slouch on the bedding for the guestroom. This is the projection you’ll be giving to others when they stay in your home. Do you want them leaving thinking, “Wow, so-and-so’s house sure was lovely!” on the way home? Or do you want them thinking “God, that bed was so uncomfortable, I need to go get some real sleep at my home.” I think we both know the answer. This bedding is the answer with a soft, plush feeling to keep anyone tucked in at night, and washable so the bed can be just as nice for the next guest.



For Everywhere In The House: Good Candles

CandleWhiteWoodOneA-newUnknown-2Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 12.09.55 PMxm17dr_190gClarins Tonic Scented Candle 2017Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 1.08.09 PM

Candles can be tricky. With scented candles being such a great accents to coffee tables, shelves, mantles, really anywhere, finding the right candle can become more work than you imagines. We’ve made it simple by boiling down candles that are long lasting, smell great, and look just as good in a home lit or not.

From Left To Right:

Baxter Of California, White Wood, ($55): This brand of grooming products knows how to make men smell great with their line of pomades, shave products, colognes, and more. It makes perfect sense that they would make a candle that smelled perfect for any man’s home.

Arbonne, Spiced Vanilla Chai, ($40)This artisan candle, made with a coconut wax combines sweet cinnamon, baked vanilla, and spicy chai aromas. It smells like the holiday season, without the mess of baking cookies in the kitchen. (Warning: will make you want cookies.)

Tom Dixon, Eclectic London, ($75): British designer Tom Dixon is a master of many tabletop pieces, but these candles from his Eclectic London collection are for sure our favorites. They have a rich sweet ash smell that has a perfect blend of manly muskiness with a sweet aroma that’s perfect for anyone’s palate.

Diptyque, Fiery Orange, ($70): As part of their limited edition collection with Phillipe Baudelocque, this candle is a chic, modern take with bright red/orange wax that illuminates any environment. It’s the perfect gift for someone looking to get away from the glass jar look of so many other candle options.

Clarins, Tonic, ($73): This three-wick candle lights up any room and burns that much longer with its wider base. Because of the multiple wicks, the wax burns evenly through the candle and fills any room with a refreshing, light scent of tonic.

Saje, Winter Warmth, ($20): This angular, polygon shaped candle is perfect for the design-minded home with its sleek edges, stone material, and warming scented smell. It perfectly balances minimalism, design, and a cozy feeling of home.


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