Full Transparency: Antonio Banderas Lists His Floor-To-Ceiling-Window Surrey Home For $2.95M

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Antonio BanderasPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Antonio Banderas has established himself as a legend in his own right. The talented Spanish producer, director, actor, and renowned singer has always been associated with that old-school Hollywood glamour and is credited for many of our favorite classics. Though Banderas may have directed, starred in, and/or produced our classic favorites, the Surrey, England home that he has just listed is anything but. The stunning home may not boast a typical or vintage design, but that is what makes this $2.95M home all the more appealing. With clean and contemporary color palettes and lines, as well as floor to ceiling two-story windows for walls, the distinctive, beautifully eccentric, and special home receives incredible natural light, and once within the home, the view, fit for a star like Banderas himself, is enjoyable from every possible vantage point.

Waking up in the master bedroom, one of five luxurious bedroom spaces all of which open to their own private terraces is an absolute dream. The master of Banderas’ listed residence flaunts crisp white, grey, and black cool tones offset by rich pops of ruby furniture. Continuing the theme of sophisticated modernity, the kitchen includes simple silhouettes and is finished with neutral furnishings and light wooden accents for a serene and polished feel. Though the home features mostly neutral color palettes, the spectacular windows allow for viridescent shades to seep into the space ultimately creating a tranquil, private, and eco-centered dynamic. In fact, the contemporary and quite structured design of the home is juxtaposed by the greenery and lush Surrey woodland scenery which surrounds it. The luxurious home comes complete with a play area, dining room, living room, kitchen, work area, garden and terrace, and a cloakroom. Enjoyable amenities of the home feature a gym, sauna, patio area, cinema room, and a double garage.

As aforementioned, the massive windows provide the entire home with an extensive, open, and vast air to it. The estate is in total, 5,387-square-feet, and the living room includes various unique and Banderas-style glamorous pieces. A stylish grand piano and funky-shaped tables intrigue guests, while fun and fresh colored butterfly-embroidered furniture break up the otherwise conservative color scheme of the living room. But these vibrant butterflies are merely a taste of what’s to come; looking onward, the glass-wrapped contemporary property, known as Huf Haus after the company which prefabricated the home, comes complete with an eye-catching and brilliantly flamboyant interior sofa which serves as a hub for communication and of course, an exciting and stimulating centerpiece that seamlessly unites bold fuchsia and chartreuse hues. The interior walls are lined with vivid and striking pop art to honor Banderas’ energy and exquisite taste.

After six years of living in the UK, Banderas is excited to return to his native country of Spain where he has purchased a settlement in Malaga. It is certain that whoever calls the distinguished Huf Haus, designed by German architecture firm Huffmans Hauf, home next, will enjoy the open-plan lodging that is so full of juxtapositions. It provides both contrast and symbiosis with its environment surrounding and blends minimalist design with maximalist decor. Huf Haus uber-effectively entertained Banderas and his guests and will continue to do so for its future residents.


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