Fengtional Designers Talk Successful Projects and Mistakes to Avoid

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What is the key to a successful interior design project?

The key to a successful design project is to understand the client's vision on an aesthetic level and

connect to that vision on an energetic level.  As Feng Shui designers we strive to create harmony in our designs and establish a positive flow of energy throughout the space.

Having good communication with your clients is a vital part of a successful design.

What is one important mistake many interior designers make? How have you overcome/avoided it?

A common mistake designers make is not tracking time accurately. You can avoid this by being organized and setting realistic deadlines.  Having a checklist of items to be completed will help you and your clients understand the design process.

Interior designing for others has shaped your career. How does your design aesthetic appear in your own home? Are you as passionate in designing your own personal spaces?

In my home I like to be creative and enjoy making small changes often. Even if it is a simple update, like new pillows for the sofa, or changing the color of a wall.  It is important to me to have a fresh and organized space because it helps my creative mind. My home reflects my personal style.

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