Finnish Studio Feathr Launches Wallpaper Collection

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Finnish studio Feathr—founded by Anne Puukko, Tom Puukko and Oli Green—has launched a wallpaper collection featuring the work of over 120 artists who specialize in areas ranging from surfwear design, to graffiti, to body art. 

A refreshing departure from traditional wallpaper design, the collection is characterized by an artistic bold graphic quality. The company's website says, "We give artists a new canvas and total freedom to create art not decoration. Art blows minds. Decoration matches the carpet," 

Here is a look at a few of the innovative offerings, which viewers can rate and then order for on-demand printing, directly from Feathr's website:

Graphic artist Peter Judson has created a colorful print comprised of sliced and displaced concentric circles.

Feathr Wallpaper

Designed in Belgrade, Serbian, "The Garden Party" artist Celadine says, "My main aim was to make a pattern that would hold the eye for a long time. Solution? Easy! Hide tea-drinking bunnies in the foliage."

Feathr wallpaper

London artist Sophie comments on her "Flamingo Conga": "Everybody loves flamingoes! To me they represent all that is beautiful and mesmirizing about the animal kingdom."

Feathr Wallpaper

On his "Sabertooth-Unicorn-Diamond-SkullI," artist Paul Meates says, "I spent my school days drawing skulls, graffiti and naked girls in my diary. The naked girls and the graffiti just didn’t make very good wallpaper, so I settled on the skulls."

Feathr Wallpaper

Italian artist Sara Bezzi describes her inspiration for "Walking in the Woods" as: "Walking in the countryside, I was fascinated by the multiplicity shapes expressed by nature in wintertime. I tried to create a pattern with very basic shapes that at the same time reflect the simple-complexity of the environment around us."

Feathr wallpaper

View the full collection on Feathr's official website

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