FATHOM Design Company On Their Project Eclectic Retreat

Kelly Dunn

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Editor's Note: Kelly Dunn’s obsession with authentic expression is unparalleled and is the driving force behind her award-winning firm, FATHOM design company. She is sought out by her colleagues as an expert on out-of-the-box solutions and blending colors and textures in imaginative ways that breathe new life into the world of interior design. If you are only interested in what’s trending, walk on by. She is not the designer for you.

Here, she describes her recent project Eclectic Retreat. 

Photo Credit: Lisa Russman Photography

This bedroom is about blending the old with the new and honoring your roots while embracing a bright and bold future.

The owners of this space are multi-faceted, well-traveled and down to earth, so we turned this bedroom into an authentic expression of their character and passions because at FATHOM design company we know that when you are surrounded by what feeds your soul you are more deeply replenished.

Photo Credit: Lisa Russman Photography

Every wall is dressed in a charcoal-colored grasscloth wallpaper from Thibaut. These dark, textured walls ground the room while exuding an overall calming and sophisticated vibe. It is the bed that takes center stage, though. Handmade in California, the sunburst caning draws you in, reminding you of simpler times even though it is juxtaposed with a sleek dresser and a retro, shag rug that’s modernized with a metallic sheen. This juxtaposition creates an equilibrium that you can feel as soon as you walk in.

The stunning cobalt blue vase was hand blown by the incredibly talented team at Tightrope in Brooklyn, NY. It casts an electrifying, creativity-inspiring hue as it filters the sun’s light.

Photo Credit: Lisa Russman Photography

Modern lighting from Lume Room on Howard Elliot’s blue mirrored nightstand is paired with a custom-made, traditionally styled ceiling fixture by ABC Lighting in New Jersey adding a deeper level of intrigue to the space. Natural elements, animal prints, modern art, and a 12 string guitar all contribute to the diverse character of the room and reflect the inhabitants' many interests.

Overall, this space is the ideal eclectic retreat. Traditional pieces, modern touches, and contemporary art blended to reflect a life well-lived.

Photo Credit: Lisa Russman Photography

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