Explore Santa Monica, California With Cindy Ambuehl

Cindy Ambuehl

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Santa Monica Pier

The residential crowd is made up of...

Santa Monica has become the epitome of a trend-setting community. The city thrives with people of all ages, backgrounds, and professions. From young tech entrepreneurs to professional lawyers and loving families, the community is constantly evolving.

The community vibe is...extremely social, bright, and welcoming. The people of Santa Monica enjoy strolls down the promenade, shopping on 3rd street, hanging out at the Fairmount Hotel, and more. 


3rd Street in Santa Monica

The lifestyle offered is...extremely active and social. The community is constantly seeking new ways to bring together its neighbors. For example, every summer there are Concerts on the Pier, which is a great way to enjoy the summer nights at the beach. Santa Monica does an exceptional job providing its citizens with a fun and healthy lifestyle.

The most popular building type you’ll find is...usually traditional, but we are seeing a trend of architectural/modern in demand.

The average home price is...

It is difficult to provide an accurate average home price for all of Santa Monica seeing that many of the homes prices vary on the basis of multiple factors (i.e. view, walkability, style, lot size, etc.). Again, very eclectic. They begin at $1.5 million and go up to $25 million.

The area’s greatest highlight is…the beach! Also, the amazing walk streets like 3rd Street Promenade, Montana Ave, and Main St.


The area’s best driving-distance getaways are…

Drive Northwest: Pacific Palisades–Check out Swarthmore Avenue, which is currently being renovated by real estate guru, Rick Caruso. Also, enjoy the village area with amazing boutiques and restaurants.

Drive East: Brentwood–Enjoy tons of shopping and private fitness studios.

Drive North: Malibu–Enjoy surfing, fine dining, hiking, and more.

Drive South: Venice–Check out Abbot Kinney, where you can find all the trendy hipsters and cafes. Also, enjoy the famous Venice canals and boardwalk.

The best spot to dine fancily is…Girogio Baldi.

The best spot to find entertainment is…

Walk around 3rd street, and you’ll find a movie theater, bars, restaurants, and street performers.


The best spot to go shopping is…

Montana Avenue or Main Street is a great street to shop at small and high-end boutiques. If you are looking for mainstream retail stores, head out to 3rd Street Promenade where top brands are found, including Nike, Bloomingdales, Zara, H&M, All Saints, and Tory Burch.

The best way to spend a day relaxing is…

Start your morning at the famous Santa Monica Stairs; head over to Kreation Juice on Montana Avenue for some fresh pressed juice and shopping; and finish your day soaking up the sun at Santa Monica beach. This is the good life.

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