Dona Crowder Shares Insight on Luxury Home Trends, Renovations, and Homebuyer Mistakes

Dona Crowder

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In your opinion, what renovations/additions add the most value to a home, earning buyers a better potential return on their investments?

The kitchen, master bath/closets, and family room (in that order) are the most important.

What would you consider to be the biggest “must have” that clients are seeking in homes in your area?

Many clients seek family rooms open to the kitchen.

In recent years, the trend of buying “green” luxury homes has grown tremendously. Is there a demand for green homes in your area? If so, has that changed the landscape of your market?

Yes, but to a small degree so far. They are still much more expensive.

What is the number one avoidable mistake that many homebuyers make, and what approach would you recommend to overcome/ prevent it?

Many homebuyers pay too much attention to the décor and not enough to the structure, spaces and systems.

Granite and stainless steel have always been big selling points for those who seek the perfect kitchen. Do you predict that this trend will change in years to come?  If so, what will trendy kitchens of the future look like?

I think that stainless and granite are the most durable for countertop surfaces, but a mix of materials is now more fashionable. Also, renewable resources like Caesarstone are received very favorably. For the modern enthusiasts, clean sleek lines are all the rage.



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