Cynthia Nixon Relocates Closer to SJP

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Cynthia Nixon, commonly known as Miranda on Sex and the City, is no stranger to the limelight. She shaved her head for a Broadway play and squared off controversy by saying she had “chosen” to be in a gay relationship, drawing the admiration of the gay population. She later explained the comments to The Advocate that her sexuality had always been in-grained from birth.

With that, Nixon and her companion Christine Marinoni have acquired a new home at 10 Bleecker Street, which means she’ll be just a few blocks from friend and co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

It was reported that Nixon paid $3.25 million for the loft style home. With four-bedrooms and four-baths, the freshly renovated loft spans 2,500 square feet with a central kitchen surrounded by the bedrooms and a 300-square-foot living room. Nixon and Marinoni acquired the home from photographers Brian Hagiwara and Brett Baughman, who originally purchased the apartment in 2007 for $2 million.


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