Thinking Of Becoming A Real Estate Agent? Be Prepared To Work Hard!

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Are you thinking of becoming a real estate agent? There are many things you need to be ready to face. These include preparation, studying, building contacts, and more details before you even start showing houses or condos.

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Here, members of the exclusive Haute Residence Network of top real estate agents give us their advice to all those considering joining the industry.

Heidi Bintz, Vail Valley, CO: "Be prepared for a full-time job that can be seven days a week."

Anne Perry, Honolulu, HI: "Develop strong and current database, constant growth, strong market knowledge and leave your ego at the door."

Brian Pearl of the Pearl Antonacci Group, Boca Raton, FL: "Join a team where you receive leads, work and close them, and you'll establish yourself organically by being in the field learning the business."

Clara Hartree, West Vancouver, British Columbia: "It's a 24-hour a day commitment."

Dante DiSabato, Naples, FL: "You have to figure out what makes you different in the market vs. everyone else. Everyone should have an edge."

Debra Johnston, Atlanta, GA: "Be prepared to spend six months in business development and getting set up for business."

Elisa Linton, Humble/Kingwood (Houston metro area), TX: "This is hard work. You have to be disciplined, approachable, and determined to protect your clients' interests throughout each stage of the transaction. You are assisting them with a large financial decision."

Elliot Bogod of Broadway Realty, Upper West Side, New York City, NY: "Zoom and webinars is a new way of life. LinkedIn is offering ways to connect with like-minded real estate professionals as well as LinkedIn groups. We started our Broadway Realty group that increased to over 700 professionals in a couple of weeks."

Frank D. Isoldi, Westfield, NJ: "Be patient and honest. Your integrity is everything."

James Beasley, Las Vegas Strip, NV: "Start building your database (databank)."

Jeff Hyland, Bel-Air, CA: "Stay calm and work through it. You might not sell your first listing, but with time, due diligence and a bit of luck, the world could be your market."

Alex Min, Lake Tahoe, NV: "Make sure you are ready to jump in headfirst. In today's market, this is not a hobby job. You have to commit to working long and odd hours. If you aren't an expert on your market and inventory, you won't be able to service your clients properly."

Kathleen Floryan, Jacksonville, FL: "Your 'why' has to be very clear. Your choice of realty companies and the future education, support plus mentorship is critical to your success."

Kelly Ringer-Radetich, Redwood City, CA: "If this is your very first introduction into Real Estate, I would recommend assisting an agent. If I had it to do all over again from the start, that is what I would do. Giving up something to gain the knowledge and experience can be priceless."

Kim Martin-Fisher, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL: "You must be vigilant, patient, and genuine."

Krista Richman, Fort Lauderdale, FL: "Project events are an excellent way to learn about the project itself and meet new faces in the industry."

Kristine Farra, Chicago, IL: "Work hard. Build relationships, not leads. Take marketing and branding seriously."

Maggie Gold Seelig, Boston, MA: "Find the nicest and smarter person from whom to learn the business, as real estate is an apprenticeship profession."

Mark Salmon,  South Tahoe, CA: "Don't enter this business thinking this is easy money but at the same know that it takes a lot of time and money to become established in order to have a lasting career."

Toni Itkin, Sandy Springs, GA: "Join a brokerage that provides the best training and technology- not the one the gives the highest commission split! Know that this is a full-time business, not a part-time job or a hobby. Then, network, network, network!"

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