Artist Robyn Blair Davidson On Her Love For Design And Candy

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When designing a space, it can seem dificult chosing what pieces of furniture and art go into it. One thing that's not difficult is deciding on a favorite candy you love. Artist, Robyn Blair Davidson combines her love of art and candy to create the perfect pieces for her clients.

Davidson, the viral Instagram Artist and Founder by robynblair, creates the perfect works of candy art to add a fun, pop of color to any home. Many of Davidson’s clientele will tell you about the difficulties of buying art, but they know how to buy candy. Davidson is combining the two with personalization to provide a creative way for people to enter the world of art and add candy to their interior spaces.

Davidson’s artwork has achieved a celebrity following, with her pieces hanging in the homes of Emmy Rossum, Sonja Morgan, Iska Lawrence and influencer Arielle Charnas of Something Navy. She has begun partnering with major brands on prints, such as her recent Dormify collection, and has even created custom pieces for Harry Winston and Saks.

Haute Residence caught up with Davidson to discuss her love for art and how she works with clients to create the perfect pieces:

How did you get involved in art? Was this something you knew you wanted to do growing up?

I always loved art projects and doing things with my hands growing up, but being a full-time artist was never on my radar. I was working in experiential marketing when I fell into the art world and I’m grateful I can combine the last decade of my experience with what I’m doing right now.

Did you have any internships to gain experience or did you just teach yourself?

I think it all goes back to my love of creativity and color, as well as being able to visualize exactly what I want and figure out a way to bring it to life. That’s exactly what happened with my first piece. I knew I wanted to put candy on my walls, had an idea of how it would look and made it happen. Everything took off from there!

What inspired you to use candy as your focus for art?

I LOVE candy! I always had candy around my house, in bowls, in drawers… everywhere! As I started to care more about my environment at home and making decor choices that were true to me, I knew candy was the natural focal point for my first custom piece. I also love the colors and fonts on candy packaging - they make me so happy!

How do you work with clients to create pieces for them? Do you have a special process?

Often times, clients come to me with an idea based off of something I’ve made but they’ll have a different color or candy in mind, and I get to work with those ideas and options. Other times, we work together to create designs that would mean the most to them. My pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia and I always want people to feel as happy as I do when they look at their art.

Do you have any advice for anyone who’s a designer or artist that’s trying to grow their business exposure using social media?

Initially, a friend encouraged me to post my pieces on Instagram and I just went with it.  I didn’t have a professional social media strategy, so to speak, but went with what I thought looked the best and posted pictures that were the biggest representation of what I was working on at the time. It can be scary sharing something you made with the world. My advice is to keep going and stay true to yourself. And always make sure the people closest to you are your biggest support system. Their positivity will help you block out any noise or negativity.

Photos courtesy of Robyn Blair Davidson 

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