An Infinite Experience: Yayoi Kusama’s New York Botanical Garden Outdoor Gallery Is Finally Open To Public

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Kusama Infinity RoomPhoto Credit: Shutterstock


After what seems like an infinity of waiting, New York City has officially re-opened, lifting their remaining COVID19 restrictions as the city moves into post-pandemic, record-low case homeostasis. With these newfound unrestricted freedoms, the art and culture scene that New York City is so famously recognized for is now able to finally resume.

It’s been a long-awaited moment for art aficionados in New York City, but at last, the exciting art world can continue to take strides forward. The re-introduction of interactive installation pieces like Yayoi Kusama’s renowned infinity mirrored rooms to exhibitions like Cosmic Nature delights art-loving New York City residents who have been waiting for this moment for many months.

Kusama’s whimsical and obsessional paintings, sculptures, and pieces inspire and have been showcased at the New York Botanical Garden Cosmic Nature exhibition since April of 2021. Though the currently viewable pieces are and have been available to the general public for the past few months, after being delayed to open due to the pandemic for a year, the alluring and grandiose infinity rooms have tantalized visitors and art-connoisseurs who, until soon, have only been able to view them from the outside.

At long last, on August 3rd, 2021, Kusama’s most recently commissioned Infinity Room- Illusion Inside the Heart (2020) will be open for public exploration. This infinity room, from the outside, incorporates a glass and polished stainless steel reflective cube that aims to mirror the surrounding botanical topography. The interior of the piece features lights and designs replicated and reproduced over many mirrors in order to create an illusion of inescapable vastness and continuation. Kusama’s sculptures, paintings, and outdoor installations are both striking and breathtaking, and seamlessly fit with the New York Botanical Garden’s landscape, but her infinity mirrored rooms, like the aforementioned Illusion Inside the Heart, astound and invoke wonder.

Tickets to enter the entire botanical garden exhibition are available on sale this week, as well as separate timed tickets just to enter Kusama’s new infinity room piece, though the tickets notoriously sell out, so purchasing quickly is advised.

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