These 6 Oddball Chairs Add Intrigue to Any Dining Room Table

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Haute Residence presents a roundup of unusual and quirky chairs that are perfect conversation pieces around the dining room table or throughout a home.

#1: Meltdown Chair

Designed by British artist Tom Price, this bronze chair is made from plastic tubes encased in a thick ceramic shell, which is melted to create cavities for molten bronze. The bronze seat is revealed once the ceramic shell is hardened and broken away. The honeycomb design of the seat is polished to a reflective shine.

001-tom-price-meltdown chair

#2: Rope Chair

Also designed by London-based Price, this bright and unique chair is made by heating and pressing a seat-shape into a ball of polypropylene rope. The smooth seat provides a contrast to the textured rope base.


#3: Tube Chair

Made by London designer Osian Batyka-Williams, this chair is made of a series of reclaimed stainless steel tubes fashioned together.

Osian Batyka-Williams Tube Chair

#4: Tube Chair with Wood

A variation on Batyka-Williams’ Tube Chair, this version incorporates reclaimed timber in the inside of the reclaimed tubes.


#5: Cutlery Chair

Another intriguing design by Batyka-Williams, the Cutlery Chair is constructed of an assortment of recycled cutlery—forks, spoons, and knives.


#6: Shot Gun Chair

Designed by Brooklyn-based designer Alexander Reh, this edgy chair touts a perforated steel frame with 388,12-gauge shotgun shells to form a seat and back. The brass and red plastic frame add a further element of drama.


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