Youthful Bohemian Touches Accentuate This California Ranch

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Editor’s Note:  Gabrielle Aker’s love of “all things beautiful” is deeply rooted in her DNA. With an excitement for life and a desire to infuse every part of it with beauty, Gabrielle founded Oh beauty Interiors as an outflow of her belief that a person’s home, big or small, should be an inspiring reflection of who they are. With a background in fine art and fashion educating her design decisions, Gabrielle’s extensive residential and commercial design work exemplifies her passion for creating spaces that are one-of-a-kind, reflective of her client’s unique personality. Haute Design by Haute Residence caught up with the acclaimed designers who gives us an inside look at one of her latest projects. 

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Aker

The design for this California ranch house was inspired by the youthful spirit of our client! Using classic mid-century design elements infused with a bohemian flair, we created a truly livable family home reflecting the spirit of people inside. While the vaulted ceilings and open floor plan added a beautiful architectural element, the space lacked the light and airy feel we were wanting to achieve. 

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Aker

To create a brighter space, we added multiple lighting sources throughout the space as well as mirrors to bounce light off of the sunroom doors leading to the backyard. Multiple textures including velvet, jute, teak, and fur were used to give each room a unique and individual feel while keeping a cohesive thread throughout the space!

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Aker

Photo courtesy Gabrielle Aker

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