Your Guide to Stunning Summer Cottage Style

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No matter how much square footage you can afford, there will always be something desirable about the comforting coziness of a traditional cottage.

Homes like these make the perfect summer getaway. Here are some features to appreciate in these appealing summer cottages located across the East and West coast.

A Cottage for Sun, Sand, and a Drink in Your Hand

One of the ways great cottages make up for their smaller size is by proximity to beautiful places--like this chic cottage in Carpinteria, California.

With stunning views of the Pacific coast out of every window, it's the perfect hideaway house for lounging on the deck after shaking the sand out of your toes.

Cottages often have traditional builder's touches like the handsome exposed beam ceiling in this cottage's great room.


The whitewashed walls and neutral floors allow the natural blue of the water outside to give this room a real splash of color.

It's almost like being tucked inside a pristine polished seashell, feet from the crashing waves.

This cottage is offered by Haute Real Estate Expert, Emily Kellenberger.

A Victorian Cottage in a Former Whaling Town

A cottage can often contain remembrances of times past. Sag Harbor on New York's Long Island used to be a big whaling town a century ago. Now it's an elite enclave providing several great styles of elegant properties.

This adorable townhouse cottage from Deborah SRB is in the center of the village and may have been inspired by the sea captain's homes of old. However, the amenities present here feel more like being at a seaside resort.


One block from the main street, two from a deep-water port. This place allows nautical dreams to be imagined while not sacrificing an inch of luxury. There are smooth wood floors throughout. A fireplace in the living room and ample bedrooms upstairs each with great window views.

The vertical height may not be ideal for those who are tired of stairs but rocking on that sunny front porch while breathing in the salty sea air might just change a few minds.

A Waterfront Cottage in Hemingway's Old Hangout

When Earnest Hemingway wanted to dock his boat Pilar, unwind and do some angling, he put his anchor down in Bimini Bay in the Bahamas. Papa Hemingway lived and traveled all over the world, so what was it about Bimini that made this island one of his favorite retreats?

Well, if his books The Old Man and The Sea and Islands in the Stream can be counted as clues, it might have had something to do with this area being one of the premier sport fishing spots in the world.


This clean cottage on the Bimini coast provides the perfect place to rest up before going after the next big catch.

Casa Blanco is a 4 bedroom, 4 bath cottage located within the Bimini Bay Resorts World Community. Gamble with the swordfish over open waters, or take the short walk to Hilton Casino to cast some bets.

The best thing about this cottage is the ability to dock a boat right in the back and shuffle right in. Contact Guido Rolle for long-term summer rental info.

A Carmel Cottage That is Better Than a Fairy Tale

Many cottages contain elements of the craftsman style, such as A-line roofs and charming exposed soffits.

Carmel California, near Big Sur, boasts quite a collection of fairy tale-inspired cottages.

These magical-looking nooks by the sea can transport people to a world of fantasy-without ever leaving the landscaped yard.


This cottage is framed with hand-cut stonework and bordered by artful twisting oak trees. It's just a happy place--evoking the same vibe Jack Kerouac must have been feeling in California when he said, "the fog's over and the stars and the moon come out at night it'll be a beautiful sight.”

Which sums up the cottage lifestyle. These compact dwellings are all about enjoying the moment and basking in the simple life.


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