When One Door Opens, Another One Slides

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When designing a house, you want it to be one-of-a-kind—one that will make the neighbors all envious. Turning a house into a home is not always easy. From picking the furniture to the soaps in the guest bathroom, each detail is important.

Details like doors and windows tend to be viewed as not as crucial, but if you live in places where there are priceless views, hurricanes, or snow storms, those aspects become very important. If you are truly making a property an investment, you want to utilize the best materials—materials that not only look good, but ones that you know are built to last.

When it comes to doors and windows, there's one company that is sure to provide high quality and taste for any luxurious home and property: Fleetwood Windows & Doors. Its latest door, the Series 4070-T, provides the perfect addition to any home.

For 56 years, Fleetwood has been manufacturing modern-style windows and doors for luxury homes. Thorough dedication to architectural integrity and meticulous refinement of "the little things" has distinctively positioned Fleetwood Windows & Doors as one of the top companies in the business. Not only has Fleetwood been doing this since 1961, it is also eco-friendly.

Knowing your home is providing a good impact on the environment is very rewarding. Fleetwood Windows & Doors is continuously making efforts to be "green friendly" and currently leads the fenestration market with the greenest multi-slide and sliding pocket doors in the United States. Its aluminum products are manufactured using recycled aluminum and glass, and are offered in inert coatings and finishes. To further promote global sensitivity, 100 percent of its aluminum scrap is recycled.


With true craftsmanship like theirs, it makes sense that the Series 4070-T is so remarkable. The Series 4070-T is the door every luxury-home needs if great views exist and indoor/outdoor living is desired. With the new A4 roller, manufactured with authentic precision in Switzerland, it operates amazingly. The door has been made with a flush track system where flooring can reach not only the edge of the tracks, but in between the tracks, too.

If you are worried about water or other weather damage, the 4070-T has you covered. A patent pending sub floor drain system is used to drain water from the flush floor tracks, which helps the door function even in wet conditions. The door comes in pocketing, multi-slide and corner arrangements.

No one likes investing tons of money into something that is going to cause a headache down the road because they took the cheap and easy route. When focusing on the little things, like windows, you want everything to look not only look luxurious, but be durable, as well. That is where Fleetwood Windows & Doors has you covered.

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