Whats On Designer and Author Suzanne Lovell’s Desk?

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Suzanne Lovell is an Architect, Interior Designer and Principal/CEO of Suzanne Lovell, Inc., an interior architecture firm with offices in Chicago and New York. She is also the the author of Artistic Interiors:  Designing with Fine Art Collections.

An innovator practicing at the intersection of architecture and interiors, design and art, Suzanne Lovell is known for her unique approach toward designing couture environments for extraordinary living.

Suzanne Lovell, Inc. consistently delivers gracious interiors through the intelligent integration of architecture, sophisticated materials, custom furnishings and textiles, antiques and fine art collections.  The result is a sophisticated, elegant and approachable interior that expresses a passion for home and reflects the distinct personal style of each Client.

Every author needs a big stainless steel Sharpie – it dries instantly!

My board is my favorite place to harbor inspirations.  Every year I fill it, and every year I start again.

Beautiful things and people I love inspire my every day…And one always needs a lucky parrot!

Lance is my constant companion, my shadow, and my ever-present reminder that there are no sofa emergencies.

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