What You Need to Know About Luxury Linens

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luxury bedding

Choosing the best luxury linens and acessories is a crucial part of restful sleep. After all, who wants to rest in a bed that isn’t the coziest they’ve felt? Sheets are a fairly inexpensive purchase compared to other home décor, so treat yourself when it’s time for a new set. Keep your eye out for the best of the best to make your nest plush and perfect.

Sleep Like an Egyptian: Egyptian cotton sheets are the best of the best when it comes to linens. Look for 100% Egyptian cotton sheets that grow softer with every wash. Cotton is a great pick for sheets because of its breathable nature and cozy feel. Linen and silk are also great options, but linen wrinkles easily and silk may be a little slippery.

Duvet Covers: If you’re a fan of big fluffy duvets, choose a quality duvet cover that’s soft with snap closings or side openings rather than zippers and buttons that can be an uncomfortable addition to your sleep routine.

Throw Pillows: Pick fun, decorative accents for your bed that compliment the color of your sheets. It’s great to pick pillows in a variety of textures in the same color for a varied look with a neutral color palette, and be sure to pick pillows with removable covers for cleaning purposes.

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