Watch: Webinar With Luxury Development 2000 Ocean Creators Enrique Norten, Shahab Karmely And Edgardo Defortuna

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The visionary minds behind the under-construction luxury development 2000 Ocean joined Haute Residence for an exclusive webinar to talk about the project.

Enrique Norten, Shahab Karmely and Edgardo Defortuna, industry leaders in design, development, and marketing of fine living, were hosted by Haute Living's Seth Semilof and April Donelson, going deep into detail about the 38-story glass tower located in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Watch the webinar below

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About the leaders behind 2000 Ocean:

Enrique Norten: He helms the formidable design team behind 2000 Ocean, alongside lead architect and partner, Andrea Steele. Founded by Norten, TEN Arquitectos boasts a portfolio of more than 60 landmark museums, libraries, public parks, resi­dences, hotels, and universities in cities around the globe, each designed to improve urban living.

Edgardo Defortuna: President, CEO and Founder of Fortune International Group, a Miami-based full-service real estate firm recognized throughout South Florida, Latin America and Europe as a leader in high-end luxury real estate. He oversees all of the company’s activities across all of its business units. Mr. Defortuna brings 30+ years of experience in the real estate industry and is considered a visionary and a driving force in South Florida real estate.

Shahab KarmelyAs the founder of KAR Properties LLC, and through KAR and/or its affiliates, Mr. Shahab Karmely has acquired, repositioned, and monetized over 3 million square feet of office, luxury mixed-use, and industrial space in the US, Southeast Asia, and Europe. With offices in New York and Miami, KAR currently oversees the management of a core portfolio of assets and a development pipeline in excess of 5 million square feet.

Enrique Norten, Edgardo Defortuna, Shahab Karmely - webinar

Top left: Enrique Norten, top right: Edgardo Defortuna, bottom: Shahab Karmely

Highlight quotes:

Enrique Norten: "The beauty or one of the big assets of this project is the team. Shahab and Edgardo, what both of them have is a tremendous appreciation and love for good architecture; and a good process of construction; good use of materials and details. They understand the tectonic process of architecture. That is what makes this project quite unique and very special... Working with people that know and appreciate good architecture is very unique... When you buy an apartment, you not only buy the squared feet inside the glass. You are really buying everything that the project offers you...  Every one of our projects is like a child to us. You love them all, and you hate them all, for different reasons. They are part of your family and, at the end, they are part of your legacy."

Shahab Karmely: "The ultimate expression of success in development is when people feel like you have given them a new home. They walk in and say, 'I am home, this is where I want to be'... One of the significant changes in the coming-to-age of Miami over the last 7-10 years is that it has significantly broadened to include the entire world, and is taking it as a place to not only visit but to invest. Miami is on par with any city in the world...Because of the surrounding low-rise buildings, I saw that we had a unique circumstance where you have not only unobstructed views to the ocean to the east and west but also north and south... I wanted somebody with a unique vision (to design the building). The collaboration (with Enrique) has been wonderful... Healthy living is part of luxury living...  This building has a story. Enrique has created a journey within this building that moves through the spaces. Transition through space is much more human if you can tell a story... Life has one constant: change."

Edgardo Defortuna: "It is hard today to find a site that is empty and has the ability to build a building of these characteristics. Hallandale is positioned very well. It's a very residential neighborhood but it's 10 minutes away from Aventura, 15-20 minutes away from Bal Harbour. If you want the activities of South Beach, you have it in very close proximity... (On benefits of partnering with Norten and Karmely) We love great design, attention to detail, and understand what the customer is looking for, so it's important that the architect and developer put their stamp to it. The ability to design in a way to be in contact with nature, see the ocean, and being able to see the city views and be in contact with the overall life of Miami is very attractive... People can understand everything that we are selling by the virtual tours. The process of selling has been seamless, and in some cases even more active than before we had the lockdown... The Latin American buyer is still there, but the big, strong market is coming from the US and our Canadian friends from the north."

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