Watch Your Home Flourish with These Eco-Friendly Home Decor Products

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With Earth Day coming up, we're given the annual friendly reminder to reduce, reuse, recycle, and overall, practice sustainable habits. For those who don’t quite know where to start, we can prioritize sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives and in more ways than we may think. If you’re looking for how you can do your part this year, these brands have made it easy by designing sustainable home decor.

Photo Credit: LIVDEN

Tile Work

Two stepsisters, Georgie Smith and Hilary Gibbs, have created their family-owned, eco-friendly tile brand, LIVDEN. The sisters noticed the lack of sustainable tile options and decided to make a difference. Their tiles are made from recycled materials and are domestically produced in the U.S. with their partnering “green” manufacturing companies. Curated by a select group of California artists, the brand’s 60-piece collection provides a wide variety of gorgeous design options. The contemporary patterns and modern textures can fit in to almost any space, giving your home the perfect addition.

Copernica Pendant

Photo Credit: Mavisten Edition


Mavisten Edition is the go-to when it comes to sustainable lighting. From the FSC-certified cardboard packaging to the products themselves, Mavisten Edition commits to sustainable practices from start to finish. Their product, the LED Eco-Glow bulb, stands out for their ability to replicate the nostalgic appearance of vintage filament bulbs. However, unlike usual filament bulbs, these bulbs run without the excessive electricity consumption, reducing the electricity used by 80%. The bulbs are perfect for both residential and commercial use, mixing smoothly with incandescent lighting to create a cozy, warm white glow.

Photo Credit: Easyplant

Plant Accessories

The only home decor that is more sustainable than eco-friendly tiles and lightbulbs are plants themselves. Grow your home decor with Easyplant. The Innovative self-watering houseplant pot makes plant-parenting easy for anyone and everyone - even those without green thumbs. Easyplant’s built-in reservoir technology senses when your plant needs water and how much it needs, reducing your responsibility and stress. Above all, adding plants to your home, you can actively help mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and purify the air in and around your home.

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