Watch: West Coast Real Estate Webinar With Top Experts

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Haute Residence hosted a West Coast real estate panel as part of its industry-leading real estate webinar series, featuring two of the top agents in their respective markets: Dennis Hanlon (Park City, UT) and Patty Murphy (Santa Ynez Valley, CA).

They were hosted by Haute Living's Erik Haase. Watch the full webinar below.

Highlight quotes:

Dennis Hanlon: "I don't see any slowdown in business. People are still coming out and are still looking. Inventory is just so tight. If we take 40 listings this week across the board, we will put 80 properties under contract, so that's unsustainable. It's been like that since last July. We had record sales last year, record low inventory this year. We are down 1,000 listings when typically we would have around 2,000 at any given time. We have more people looking to buy than properties to sell.  One of the most fun things to do if you look at ski-in and ski-out homes, we put on our skis and tour homes... We have seen ups and downs. Every time it goes down, it doesn't go as down as the previous time, and when it goes up, it goes higher than the previous time.

Patty Murphy: "Santa Ynez is an extraordinarily beautiful area; clean air and not congested. We are a half hour from Santa Barbara which is one of the most beautiful small city experiences you're going to find anywhere. We are a couple of hours from Los Angeles and get a lot of people that have discovered our wine region. They're not driving up to Napa anymore. They started coming from LA and falling in love with our area. We also had a lot of people who had small second homes in the area, and when Covid hit, they decided to shelter here, and then called me asking for a bigger ranch [to purchase]... We have beautiful golf courses and are close to the ocean and mountains. It's a great area for families. We shelter in beauty.

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Dennis Hanlon, Patty Murphy

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