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Haute Residence hosted a luxury real estate webinar with top agents in three of the world's biggest urban centers: Kevin Crigger (Toronto), Leslie S Modell (New York City), and Michael LaFido (Chicago).

They were hosted by Haute Living's Erik Haase. Watch the full webinar below.

Highlight quotes:

Kevin Crigger: "[In Toronto], real estate has been an essential service throughout Covid. So we are still functioning; definitely not business as usual, but our associations and organizations have done really good job of setting parameters and the agents really have been very understanding of the times. We have pivoted a lot, obviously, to Zoom meetings and we've done a lot of initial virtual showings and have utilized technology to better qualify clients. Interestingly sales are up 97% year over year. We had a very substantial reduction at the beginning of Covid in March 2020. On prices, we are looking at probably 18 to 21% price growth over the course of this year, and a very strong market across all sectors... 2022 is going to be the year of the condo."

Leslie S Modell: "We've done a very great job of getting the city back on the map... New York is back. To anyone that counted us out, I am here to tell you to hurry back because we're on fire again and there is still great opportunity to purchase for a 1st time home buyer or luxury property. New York is reopening. Hopefully soon, Broadway will be back and all these other wonderful institutions. People are going back to museums. So our culture is coming back, and once we get up and running, this market will be right back at that high-end number, and once we are able to get some more International flow, the condo market will be on fire as well... I had five condos in a building. I have sold four of them, so that speaks volumes to me."

Michael LaFido: "There are two different markets. The Chicago downtown market is a totally different animal than the suburbs. I was part of a $6.8 million purchased transaction in downtown about a month ago. We are seeing a lot more people leaving the city tand moving to the suburbs. The biggest estates had been sitting on the market for years in some of our more affluent suburbs. Now, if it's bigger it's better in the suburbs. The affluent upper price points are the hottest I've ever seen; it is thriving. There's a shortage of inventory. People want yards and pools. We are riding the wave. I do national training and speaking, talking to agents across the country who say that the market is hot. Chicagoland has been a buyer's market, and now it is a seller's market."

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Metropolitan real estate webinar Apr 22 2021

Kevin Crigger, Leslie S Modell, Michael LaFido

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