Watch: “Coast To Coast” Real Estate Webinar #14 By Haute Residence

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Haute Residence hosted its twelfth and latest edition of “Coast to Coast”, the industry-leading real estate webinar series, featuring four of the top agents in their respective markets: Jeff Biebuyck (Calabasas, CA), Ryan Ayre (Emerald Isle, NC), Paul Perry (Paradise Valley, AZ), and Elliot Bogod (Upper West Side, NY).

They were hosted by Haute Living's Erik Haase. Watch the full webinar below.

Highlight quotes:

Jeff Biebuyck: "The reason we call our company Frontgate is that there are 26 gated communities just in our zip code. Like everywhere else, we have the best year we've ever had, and I was convinced in March [2020] that we had to be prepared to shut the doors because we got a pandemic and big overhead. Fast forward, here we are, and it may end up being the best year and it's just been phenomenal. We're blessed we've survived the fires that we had in Calabasas that wiped us out for a good quarter. We've gotten knocked around a little bit, but as I said, we got a really nice market right now. People are leaving LA to come to Calabasas and Hidden Hills because of its guard-gated communities. We have from the Kardashians, Will Smith, you name it. We care about our clients, treat them like everybody else. We all put our pants on the same way, so if you treat them like that, I think they respect that."

Ryan Ayre: "There are people from the Raleigh area who might have had a condo here [Emerald Isle] and they have moved their family down here to get out of the big city. You're seeing a lot more migration now. Some of those people are going to sell their homes, get the equity out of it, and then buy a bigger home here and sell the condo. You have definitely seen a change in migration. You're seeing a change in demographics here. There's a lot of cash rolling into here that's not an investment. It's people actually moving here, which differs from 2008 when most were investors. These are people that want to live here. People are coming from California, New York, Ohio, anywhere up Northeast. Even Florida and surrounding areas. I've always said that that this area is kind of a hidden gem and it's not anymore; people are finding it. It's getting to the point where we are getting more recognized around the country."

Paul Perry: "We are doing really well up here in Arizona. I think we're at the top of the food chain right now for appreciation and house sales even above Miami, which is rare for us. We've actually held it for the last two months now... We have people coming from the Carolinas and Florida... What we're dealing with is people saying we're going to another 2006 bubble but we're not because we have so much cash coming in. Many people are coming with no mortgages. But if they're going to get a mortgage, it used to be those high ones where they put five or 10% down. Now, you're getting 20% all the way to 50% down, so we have to get rid of that hurdle. Then, the next one is how long is this going to last. The way it's looking, it's all future-telling. How do you get where are we going to go, and it just keeps going up for another three to four years... We are in a great neighborhood and a great state."

Elliot Bogod: "New York is opening. More people are considering coming back after the exodus to warmer places such as Florida, Long Island, and New Jersey. Manhattan saw a lot of people leave and now they are coming back. Things are starting to be more active again. We had a very tough year last year as you know, all aspects of real estate commercial retail residential. The market is recovering. We see a lot of activity. Restaurants are at 50% capacity now, Yankee Stadium and movie theaters are opening. We expect Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Broadway shows to open soon. New Yorkers are coming back and they're looking for rentals and to buy. We have a lot of inventory. It's the first buyer's market in 12 years, so it's great for investors and for people to bring money and invest in New York. Brokers are busy with contracts out, signed, and closing. Commercial real estate has never been more affordable. Residential as well because we saw some buildings with 20-30% discounts."

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Top: Jeff Biebuyck, Ryan Ayre. Bottom: Paul Perry, Elliot Bogod

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