Watch: “Coast To Coast” Real Estate Webinar #12 By Haute Residence

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Haute Residence hosted its twelfth and latest edition of “Coast to Coast”, the industry-leading real estate webinar series, featuring four of the top agents in their respective markets: Dan Hechtkopf (Miami Beach, FL), Anne-Britt Østlund (Telluride, CO), Daniel Tzinker (Venetian Islands, FL), and Magnus Jennemyr (Coconut Grove, FL).

They were hosted by Haute Living's Erik Haase. Watch the full webinar below.

Highlight quotes:

Dan Hechtkopf: "Before the pandemic, I think we were very close to the bottom of the market, and that was the condo market, the housing market, you name it. I saw it eventually going up, but then Covid hit, just dead stop for several months there, and then every house got gobbled up. I mean you can't get anything brand new on the market under the $5 million mark, even $5-10 million it's just ridiculous right now. Then what happened was the condos became such a good deal, and all of a sudden, those are getting gobbled up, especially in areas like South of fifth, Sunset Harbor. There's no inventory in all the good areas. Whether it's a single-family home or condo right now, it's just on fire. I listed something literally a week ago in South of Fifth, and it was under contract in three days. Buyers have to be flexible; they have to understand that there are other areas out there other than Venetian, Palm, and Hibiscus Island."

Anne-Britt Østlund: "Telluride is unique. We're not easy to get to, we are not 15 minutes from anywhere. You feel like you're in the mountains. You've got to want it, and once they're here, most people don't want to leave. It is absolutely iconic... Arizona is huge, for us. We get what I call seasonal residents who come up to escape the heat, and then Florida is another one. All of a sudden, California is probably our biggest source. I would say that my business is shifting a lot from second homeowners to people who are trying to move here full-time... I call myself a lifestyle real estate agent, and one of the things I offer my clients is a very intimate knowledge of what it's like to live here. I can help them understand where they fit in best. Boost on the ground, if you will. I find that more valuable than anything they can find on the Internet."

Daniel Tzinker: "As of months ago, I have people from Boca Raton, Golden Beach, and other communities of homes that are looking for condos because somebody from the Northeast knocked on their door and gave them an offer they couldn't refuse, a ridiculous amount of money, and they forced themselves to downgrade for a condo... The inventory is gone, and if you are a dealmaker, you're not going to be sitting and waiting for a year or two until the inventory replenishes because people want to transact today. You go recreate yourself and bring opportunities from other neighborhoods. You have to create a new script... I think business will shift, especially on the homes in this high-demand market...

Magnus Jennemyr: "Coconut Grove is known to have some of the best schools in the country. On the inventory, we have no single-family homes left... The main inventory we have is off-market. The condo market is Coconut Grove is low density compared to Brickell, Downtown, and Miami Beach... Taxes in New York and California [being what they are], it is a no-brainer that people would come down here. All the buildings that are coming up, they've seen three-quarters of a billion dollars in say sales in the first quarter. It's across every asset class and price point. You have to show your expertise. You have to be a proverbial expert and concierge to the buyer for everything. Where will they put their kids in school? Where do they fit in? What is their profession? You can't just know about real estate. You have to know everything surrounding it."

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Top: Dan Hechtkopf, Anne-Britt Østlund. Bottom: Daniel Tzinker, Magnus Jennemyr

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