Walk-In Couture Closets That Inspire Success

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Just as your luxury car needs its sky garage, and your body needs that state-of-the-art home fitness center/spa, your collection of designer clothes, handbags, watches, shoes and jewelry deserves its allocated luxury space: a walk-in couture closet gushing great artistic craftsmanship. Today's couture closets are spacious, elegantly designed and offer plenty of custom touches: from palatial dressing rooms to eye-catching light fixtures to world-class city views. Each is a fashionista's sanctuary.

With that in mind, it's high time to take a walk on the wildly fashionable side and into some of the world's most spectacular closets, that not only serve as extensions of the decor and design of the most luxurious of homes, but are in and of themselves works of art. Each closet individually reflects its owner's personal taste in home decor; however, all of these closets set the scene for Dolce & Gabbana to hang out with Prada; for Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo to kick back comfortably in stiletto heaven.

Classic Industrial Chic

Walk-In Couture Closets

This closet is a fashionista's fun house. And includes separate alcoves for each and every one of the fashionable greats to hang out: from Alexander McQueen, to Versace, to every other fashion couturier in between. This is a fairytale couture closet come true for the fashion enthusiast. It's the closet for today’s princess who wears an oversized furry coat with floral appliqués and gem-encrusted heels on her night out on the town without the prince.

Art Deco Elegance

Walk-In Couture Closets

Designed with the glamorous color palette and glossy lines of the Jazz Age, this spacious light-filled closet features a custom dressing room, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and glass shelves that are ideal for displaying your coveted designer shoes and handbags. This one-of-a-kind closet calls out to the vintage-inspired fashionista. Ms. Carrie Bradshaw, perhaps?

In this closet, you'll have more than enough room to swing your ultra-long string of pearls, accompanied by some chilled cosmopolitans and Ms. Bradshaw herself, before celebrating on the town in Gatsby-like fashion.

Runway Glam

Walk-In Couture Closets

This closet is for the jet-set. Where a Fendi crocheted dress, with its fringed leather hem, comfortably hangs, or that lace dress, embroidered with hand-cut mink flowers, dangles in style. Each dress awaiting their next fashion runway show.

Maximized Minimalism

Walk-In Couture Closets

Could anything be better than having this fantasy closet made real? Nothing. Except for also having that Versace organza dress, delicately stitched with soft petals of pink mink, suspending from its overhead bar.

A Closet With A View

Walk-In Couture Closets

Stripping off your tie in this closet surely leaves no room for regrets. Valentino himself would be envious.

Bi-Level Bliss

Walk-In Couture Closets

This his and hers closet makes for a fashion runway show -at home- with its spiral staircase that takes fairytale fashion to the next level. Literally.

As you've now seen for yourself, these couture closets feature everything from velvety chaises and sophisticated lighting to savvy systems for keeping designer collectibles in pristine order. There's no pretending when you're playing dress-up in any one of these couture closets. Each and every closet turns happily ever after into happily ever now. And with internationally renowned fashionable flair.
Top Image: LuxuryProperty.com. All other images are courtesy of Christie's International Real Estate.

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