Vicki Gaily Shares What She Loves Most About Bergen County

Vicki Gaily

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As a resident of Bergen County for most of my life, and having been born in the Bronx the first advantage of living here has been the close proximity to New York City. Every cultural advantage is right over the bridge: museums, theaters, restaurants, and shopping.  There is so much to do there is NEVER enough time to do it ALL!

All of this has spilled over to us in Bergen County; some of the largest shopping malls in the country; excellent restaurants (many times with New York chefs), stadiums for sports and entertainment, plus the beauty of the rolling hills, streams, parks and recreation, and so much more!

The opportunities for Real Estate are unlimited.  It ranges from small condos to buy or rent to homes in all price ranges and architectural designs in all sizes and shapes from historic antique gems to chateaus and mansions.

The schools are very highly rated both public and private and many times people will move out of Manhattan when their children become school age.  It is certainly one of the top reasons to move here as well as the commute both by car and public transportation to the city.

For the health enthusiast there are Fitness Clubs everywhere and county parks and trails for walkers, joggers, and bike rides which stretch from one end of the county to the other.

Bergen County offers something for everyone and is one of the most populated counties in the United States and for good reason.

Photos courtesy of Vicki Gaily

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