Vicki Gaily On The Best Time to Sell Your Home

Vicki Gaily

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Every year there’s a rush to list in May, June and July because that is when a home owner feels their property shows at its best.

Their pools are open, the lawns are green and landscaping is lush. This is also the season in the luxury market where many people are away at their summer homes or are on vacation. It can be difficult to get a prospective client to come out and look.

The luxury market is not always about the school calendar. We have had success selling homes in all seasons.Our slowest time is usually from Thanksgiving until the 2nd week of January, however, there have been years where we have had VERY strong December sales. When the need or desire to move is there, that's when the home should be listed.

It's about pricing the home correctly than it is about what month the home should come out on the market. The home has to be priced according to the current active inventory as well as sales within the past few months. This is critical in positioning the listing where it makes the most sense. The buyer has quite a bit of information available to them to determine if a house is fairly priced.

The reason some listings just sit is because there are homes in the same range offering more. Some of the information that a buyer can use to make a determination are: Property size, taxes, number of bedrooms and baths and amenities and features.

All of this is compared to the other available properties so that the potential buyer has the information to make a comparison. This why it is called a CMA(Comparative Market Analysis). This is the method that most real estate agents use. Also, the curb appeal of the photography is very important. In order to attract the buyer to a property the house needs to have its best foot forward so that it looks as attractive as possible for the buyer  to make an inquiry and then have the dialogue.

My final comment is, List now if you are ready to sell - and price it right!

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