Valcucine’s New Kitchen System Is Based On Circadian Cycle

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Valcucine launched its new, patented kitchen system based on the circadian cycle.

Valcucine, among the world’s leading brands in kitchen design and technology for over three decades, recently launched the smart, patented V-Motion system. It simplifies daily kitchen chores by activating various functions with the simple gesture of a hand, like changing the backlight of your kitchen.
 Daylight is important for our physical and psychological well-being. Based on the “circadian cycle”, the back panel light automatically recreates the changes that occur in sunlight throughout a 24-hour period, reproducing natural-looking light.


The circadian cycle is a natural, periodical biorhythm that repeats itself at 24-hour intervals. It is governed by many different factors and based on external stimuli such as the way light changes from day to night; like daylight through your window.

Valcucine has been prominent in the kitchen industry for thirty-five years, earning a reputation for the improvements it adds to the uses and longevity of a kitchen.

Photos courtesy of Valcucine

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