Ultra-Modern Urban Escapes That Allow You To Live Luxuriously

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The only adventure better than experiencing Breakfast at Tiffany’s is living a Tiffany’s lifestyle, which means having breakfast, lunch and dinner in classic Hepburn style. Audrey Hepburn’s sense of worldly decorum remains timeless: it’s sexy yet classy; modern yet classic; chic yet conventional.

Back in the day, Hepburn was the queen of authentic charm. The combination of her genuine personality, heartwarming compassion and effortless fashion sense is what has made her a most beloved fashion icon over the years. To date, nobody rivals her incomparable ability to look effortlessly polished. Consider Hepburn’s updo, form-fitting black pants, black sleeveless dress, black ballet flats, oversized button-down white shirt and black turtle neck. Each and every one of these styles worn by Hepburn remains in style.

So, where did this fashion icon reside? Hepburn once lived in an LA estate fit for royalty: multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, three dining areas, a private tennis court, a guest house and multiple acres of gardens and lawns – perfectly outfitted for a Gatsby-like garden soiree. Perhaps the most precious space to Hepburn was her expansive gourmet kitchen. Hepburn was a foodie and cooked colorful, healthy, and elaborate meals. Her massive living room and family rooms -complete with built-in bookcases- inspired playful imaginations of Hepburn living out real-life scenes from her bookstore in Funny Face, selecting Jane Eyre or Middlemarch off the shelves to read by the fireplace. Though she did spend some time living in Tinseltown, Hepburn’s truly beloved home was in Tolochenaz, Switzerland: quaint, elegant and authentic, like Hepburn herself.

Start scrolling to browse through some ultra-modern real estate escapes that are Hepburn-like in design, and walk in the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn, with her black ballet flats taking you above and beyond.

Nothing less than My Fair Lady would live and lounge here.

Take your Roman Holiday home here.

Ultra-Modern Urban Escapes

Breakfast at Tiffany’s would surely be enjoyed here.

Ultra-Modern Urban Escapes

Wait Until Dark to experience the spa-like treatments this bathroom has to offer.

Ultra-Modern Urban Escapes

Nothing but a Funny Face and the widest of smiles for those who reside here.

Ultra-Modern Urban Escapes

You and Sabrina would surely be wooed by such luxury.

Ultra-Modern Urban Escapes

A living room where either Holly, Princess Anne, Jo Stockton, Sabrina or you would hang out, no?

There are a few lines from Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s that remind us all to keep living the dream: “Reading dreams. That’s what started her walking down the road. Every day she’d walk a little further: a mile, and come home. Two miles, and come home. One day she just kept on.” The time has come for you to read into your real estate dreams and every day take your dreams a little further, until one day you too just keep going to eventually experience the most imaginable luxurious style all your own.

All images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate


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