Trend: Hotel-Inspired Bedrooms for a Haute Home

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hotel-inspired bedroom

What room in your household do you view as your most peaceful sanctuary? After a long day’s work, striking a balance between style and comfort is key. That's why many designers are finding inspiration in that beacon of chic-yet-practical; the hotel room.

When visiting a luxury hotel, the things that make you feel most at home are the beautifully designed spaces, amenities, and the oasis-like environment best suited for those looking to wind down. Hotel-inspired bedrooms are trending in 2013, and this look (and feel) can be achieved with a few lux additions.

Eliminate the stuffy carpeting. Hardwood floors in darker hues are an investment that will make your space feel larger, and area rugs can be switched out frequently to change with your personal vision and style.

Avoid gender-specific accents. One of the freshest and most calming things about lavish hotel rooms is that they are not cluttered with frills or overwhelming patterns. Choose linens that suit both men and women to create a space well-suited for relaxation.

Invest in small appliances to create a coffee station or mini-bar in your bedroom. A great fit for those who have large families, it is often a huge relief to start or end your day with treats in your own space sans the distraction or stress of spending time in the communal kitchen or living room.

Bedrooms are no longer just for sleeping. Make your space an oasis for daily use.

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