Top 5 Interior Design Trends That Should Be Left In 2020

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It's out with the old and in with the new, as they say. Haute Design is listing the top 5 things that interior designers should leave in 2020.

#1 Having no home office

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. In the wake of Coronavirus and everyone having to work from home, the necessity of a home office rose. Now, when designing a home, people should consider including a home office because you never know when a world-wide pandemic might hit again...


#2 Formal sitting rooms

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Nobody uses a formal sitting room. Even celebrities on their Architectural Digest house tours talk about the fact that they never use their formal sitting room. In fact, tennis star Serena Williams turned hers into an art gallery instead. So, leave the formal rooms that no one uses in the past, and maybe bring back the conversation pits from the 70s instead?


#3 Wall Tapestries

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Now, tapestries are typically hung by college students but that doesn't make them any less tacky. Do not hang a wall tapestry. Enough said.


#2 Shiplap/barn doors

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Joanna Gaines did a darn good job at bringing back shiplap and the farmhouse aesthetic, but it's finally time to leave that world behind. Gone are the days where a barn door was the answer to a design problem, let's keep houses looking like houses and farms like farms, yes?


#1 Open floor plans

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Open floor plans are another casualty of the pandemic. What at first seemed like a great idea became a living nightmare as we all had to eat, work, and live in the same space every day instead of in separate rooms. In tandem with #1, people are realizing that it's better to have dedicated spaces for each activity as it helps keep the days from becoming so monotonous.


What design trend do you think should be left in 2020?

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