Top 5 Design Tips From Celebrity Interior Designers

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Redecorating your home can seem like a fun task at first, but people often find themselves lost, without knowing where to start. Decorating a space without a helping hand and some guidance can end up being an exhausting endeavor, leading you to expensive renovations and an unpleasant environment. We listed the top 5 tips from expert celebrity interior designers to guide you when decorating your space. 

1- Less is More

Windsor Smith, who has had celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow as a client, reminds us that “less is more.”  Most people believe that the way to create a stylish and sophisticated interior is to add as many items and details as you can. She recommends letting go of anything that feels excessive, that can be seen as clutter instead of a piece of the design. “Purge your home of anything that feels heavy - even clothing,” she adds. 

2- Nature as an Inspiration

Kari Whitman, the television star who has worked on the homes of Hollywood icons such as Antonio Banderas and Jessica Alba, explains how she incorporates nature in her designs. She mentions how every encounter with nature can serve as inspiration for a design. "The other day I was eating oysters and I found the inner shell beautiful," she said. 

3- Lighting not just from windows

Adam Rolston, of Incorporated Architecture & Design, points out that thinking that the only way to get a bright room is to paint a room white is a very common mistake, and it should be avoided. A better way to accomplish a bright and illuminated room is to keep the overall palette of the room light, as well as using mirrors to reflect natural light into your interiors. 

4- Comfort Comes First 

Brian Paquette, a Seattle-based celebrity designer, recommends putting comfort before aesthetics. When designing your home, there is always going to be that dream dining table or that beautiful couch you can't take your mind off it. However, if it is not functional in relation to your everyday needs, then it is not going to work in your design. He mentions how you should always focus on comfort and usage, like a real dining table you can spread out on and a comfy sofa rather than just a seat.

5- How to make a room seem larger 

Jeff Andrews, who has worked on the homes of Kendall Jenner and Ryan Seacrest, gives a tip on how to make any room seem more spacious. The key is to use statement furniture, in other words, invest in larger pieces, and choose something that you like looking at. He also recommends keeping the color scheme simple and uniform. Varying textures and incorporating small amounts of prints make the space coordinated and larger. 

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