Top 5 Luxury Color Trends for 2013

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This year, there are many bold statements to be made in the realm of interior design. With a new season upon us, now is a perfect time to take a look at the “it” color trends of the year and see how they can best be applied to your luxury home.

5. Black and White

black andwhite accent wall

Splashes of black and white on a patterned accent wall are a great way to incorporate this trend instead of simply adding black or white furniture. Cabinetry is another great opportunity to incorporate black and white without overpowering the room, as darker colors tend to make your space feel smaller.

4. Cobalt Blue and Navy

blue curtains

Fabrics and draperies are a perfect use for these serene colors. Use them together or just choose one; either way, your room will have an update that is on-trend. Refresh your space with a new throw rug or drapes.

3. Tan/Cream

tan bedspread

Taking over as the most coveted neutral this year, tan/ cream is a great earth tone that can easily be accessorized in any room. Tan/cream serves as the perfect palette to build from and complements many color schemes.

2. Lipstick Red and Pink

red chair

Both colors provide a bold statement well-suited to decorative furniture. Consider an armchair or chaise lounge in these bright hues to show off your playful, trendy side.

1. Gold

gold interior design

Gold is one of the most versatile accent colors of the year. Especially this season, ornate and luxurious details are the perfect way to dress up a typically bland or boring room. Try incorporating gold accents into rooms like the library or the living room with smaller pieces, sculptures or lighting fixtures.

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