Tomi Rose Relays What it Means to Be a Real Estate Expert and Why She Fits the Bill

Private: Tomi Rose

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Tomi RoseReal estate agents are expected to be absolute experts on their respective regions. What steps do you take in order to ensure you know positively all that you need to in order to keep your clients well informed?

Being an expert in my field requires me to rely on my past experiences, today’s resources and tomorrow’s market probability. I make sure to stay abreast of the market by getting instant alerts on my phone every time a new listing is posted to the MLS. I know exactly what my clients are in the market for, therefore I know whether or not a listing is relevant the moment I see it. I frequent pertinent open houses and pre-development presentations to be aware of the latest advances in the market. What truly gives me an edge is my personal investment in the communities I work with. I keep my finger on the pulse by driving and walking the neighborhoods I work in; furthermore, I frequent the local establishments and know many of the residents in those areas. I’ve been a Brickell resident for more than 12 years, so I fully understand the recent evolution of my community, who the key players are and how to identify an amazing real estate opportunity when I see one.

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