Timeless Transitional Remodel By Susan Rocco

Susan Rocco

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This young family wanted to remodel the layout of their home from a traditional, conventional footprint of separate living areas to an open floorplan concept. They pictured the kitchen seamlessly integrated as part of an open, expansive living area that would also encompass the nearby dining room, living room and bar. The homeowners desired a kitchen that was versatile and fluid enough to function as a place to cook as well as a place to gather.

The sense of fluidity would also apply to the aesthetics. In order to establish a cohesive, visual language throughout the home, fluidity is created through the repetition of stylistic elements. The grey walnut surrounds used on the refrigerator and oven walls are repeated in the island finish and picked up in tone on the perimeter countertops. Stainless steel becomes a prominent accent finish with the oversized focal hood, then repeated on the island feet. The repetitions of finishes and tones in various shapes and forms, creates a fluid visual language. The color palette was kept neutral and muted, establishing an elegant and timeless canvas for the rest of the interior.

The main challenge of this project was coming up with a dramatic transitional design effect in a relatively small kitchen space that would also function for a large family. The drywall niches were designed to generate a dramatic effect, framing out focal areas while bringing a sense of human scale to the cabinetry. The homeowners stressed the fact that this would be a kitchen that would get a lot of use. It would mean that it would not be a bare bones kitchen just for looks. Work and storage spaces had to be maximized. At the same time, since the kitchen would now be an exposed area, they wanted to meet their functional needs while keeping a clean look. A wall of all tall cabinetry provides abundant storage space for food items as well as countertop appliances, helping to keep surfaces clutter-free.

In this kitchen, the strong compositional design elements and finishes come together to create a harmonious and timeless show-stopping space.

Photos courtesy of Susan Rocco

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