This Is The Answer To Making Water Fun Again

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Let’s all just face it, water isn’t fun. It never was, and anyone that told you otherwise was lying. That’s not saying that drinking water isn’t important, and a necessary life function, but its just not a fun thing to do. Luckily, there’s an answer—Soda Stream’s Aqua Fizz.

Seltzer is fun, bubbly, and the healthiest alternative possible to soda while still having the carbonated bubbling. This machine is simple, easy to use, and sized perfectly. For all those living in cities like New York or Los Angeles, where counter space and kitchen sizes come at a heavy premium, buying a new countertop appliance can mean facing an irksome reality, turning most things down because they just can’t fit no matter how practical they are. (Looking at you, mixers and food processors.) The Soda Stream though stands at just over 17 inches high, well within the height of most cabinets, and only 6 inches wide.

The product comes with a CO2 can, where the bubbles are coming from, two glass carafes, and caps for both bottles.

The machine is also ridiculously easy to use. The space for the bottle opens with a latch for easy access to lock things in, and the boring water turns into brilliant seltzer with a simple touch of a button.

Whether you like seltzer really bubbly like Polar or less carbonated like Perrier is up to you, and the longer the hold on the button, the bubblier the bottle will be.

This is a perfect product for any home. Between the stainless steel finish, black liner, and compact design, it’s the perfect fit for any seltzer-lover to have their fix on demand.


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