This is How Haute Design Experts Keep Design Timeless

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The best design stands the test of time, and this is no different for interior decor. Our Haute Design experts reveal their philosophy on timeless interior design.

Photo Credit: Eric Soltan

Archetype Architecture 

To design a space with character and keep it timeless, we have six rules. 

Create a strong focal point to make a room more inviting. 

Design symmetrical rooms that create a sense of balance.  

Select classic patterns such as stripes, plaids, botanicals, or damasks.  

Avoid trends because once the trend has expired, they will date a room.  

Hide technology by keeping them behind closed doors. 

Use quality furniture, fabrics, and accessories that will stand the test of time. 


Photo Credit: Christi Nielsen

The Nielsen Collection 

To avoid compromising character within a timeless space, we layer materials that elevate interest.  A neutral palette is chosen using natural materials such as stone, and complemented with fresh contemporary and artful furnishings. By layering multiple elements we create spaces that not only intrigue but provide a timeless and congenial environment. Here, we chose to flank the fireplace with water features creating a soothing effect and also added a playful element with the accent chair.  


Photo Credit: Tony Soluri

CI Design + Build

These are the three principles we follow to maintain our designs timeless:

  • Selecting natural materials such as wool (upholstery and rugs), silk (rugs), leather (upholstery), linen (drapery), oak (flooring and custom millwork), natural stone (countertops, fireplaces) while adding character can be achieved by incorporating patterns and colors –especially for accents like accessories, toss pillows, wall coverings.
  • Investing in quality furnishings that will stand the test of time and can be reupholstered down the road.
  • Selecting classic neutrals for the general paint color throughout keeps overall palette balanced; adding a fun or dramatic color can easily enhance character in ancillary spaces such as a powder room or office.


Photo Credit: Greg Premru

Leslie Saul & Associates

A timeless design MUST have character. Neutral designs become boring over time, while rooms with color and design interest have longevity.  Can you guess when we designed the project shown above? You may be surprised to hear that we finished this urban condominium project 28 years ago!  It features comfortable stylish furniture and extravagant pistachio green and yellow window treatments that call attention to the view of a public park.

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