This Hotel Will Literally be Surrounded by Water

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Here’s an interesting idea: a floating hotel which will allow guests to sail off own their own, while still in their room.

Floating hotel 1

The brainchild of Salt & Water, an architecture and yacht design firm, this floating hotel concept is said to include a main two-story docking component, which features access to a restaurant, an event hall, and a cafe. The main docking component will be connected to two piers, which is where the individual rooms, which double as catamarans, will be floating.

Floating hotel 2

The individual rooms/catamarans, are envisioned to deliver the comfort, luxury, and amenities found in any standard hotel suite. The rooms will have an upstairs sleeping area, enough space to house multiple people, a kitchen, a bathroom, storage space, great views, and privacy.

Floating hotel 3

According to The San Francisco Globe, this floating hotel concept, which won the "Millennium Yacht Design Award," is “intended to allow the tourism industry to promote inland waters and smaller rivers that would previously have been considered too difficult for hotel developers or cruise ships to access.”

Floating hotel 4

Additional docking areas have been proposed in order to allow guests to be able to take longer trips without having to return to the main docking area as well as travel down narrow waterways that are normally inaccessible to larger ships

Photos courtesy of The San Francisco Globe

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