The Shokan House Is an Ultra-Modern Architectural Gem Fully Encompassed in Nature

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Shokan House

If being surrounded by birch, fir, oak, and spruce, while regularly running into wildlife, including hawks, turkeys, foxes, deer, and bears is your thing, then the Shokan House may provide the ideal living experience for you.

Shokan House 2

Located near the Catskill Mountains and the Ashokan reservoir is this upstate oasis that offers views of the surrounding greenery, mountains, and reservoir.

Shokan House 3

There's 6,000-square-feet of space found in the multi-level residence, which boasts multiple bedrooms, a library, and a garage space that can hold multiple cars.

Shokan House 4

A living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a fireplace, an entrance hall, a stone terrace, and a herb garden are also found throughout this spacious, hidden gem.

Shokan House 5

The exterior is built of mostly reflective glass, while the interior of the home features materials such as steel, glass, concrete, ceramic, and walnut. Several pieces of furniture, the stairwell, and the cabinets are built also from materials like steel and walnut.

Shokan House 6

A pond and a half mile of gravel road are also on the property.

Shokan House 8

Architect Jay Bargmann designed the Shokan House for he and his family.

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