The New State-Of-Reality For Real Estate Is Virtual

Cynthia Joannou

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Photo Credit: Tyler Franta

There are lots of new ideas, thoughts, theories and trends regarding the new reality we all face in the real estate is the time to get creative. We came up with our own process: while observing CDC guidelines on social distancing, BAREFOOT BEACH PROPERTIES is still able to help you sell your Florida property or find your dream home, since real estate offices are providing an "essential service" according to DHS guidelines:

We understand that nothing can replace that feeling of excitement and the emotional experience of ‘love at first sight’, but the real estate industry is working harder than ever to try to replicate that experience in a virtual setting. The new tech age offers a plethora of tools for realtors to help buyers get that ‘almost being there’ feeling, and sellers the opportunity to get showings without repeatedly exposing their homes to in-person visits.

Photo Credit: Francesca Tosolini

Virtual Reality Home Buying / Selling Guide

  1. ‘Tele-Realtor’ Consultation: at your convenience, we can schedule a conference call to discuss your real estate goals: buyers preferences or sellers criteria.
  2. Interactive Portal: We will email you a link to your personalized interactive real estate portal, with a list of homes that fit your requirements and desires, including all relevant information, as well as photos and virtual tours, or an automated comparative market analysis (“CMA”).
  3. Real Time Updates: As new matching properties come to market, your portal or CMA is automatically updated in real time.
  4. Live Property Tours: We can remotely arrange a live tour of any property you wish to explore further, via WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime.
  5. Offers: If you wish to make or accept an offer, you can sign all documents online on your iPad or PC.
  6. Escrow: A local attorney of your choice can remotely handle the escrow and closing on your behalf, including notarization of signatures.
  7. Inspection: A licensed inspector of the buyer’s choosing can inspect the property and provide all parties with a detailed written report on all findings including photos, and then perform a pre-closing final walkthrough on the buyer’s behalf, in order to ascertain that the seller had all required repairs completed.
  8. Remote Closing: Upon closing, the buyer’s attorney will record the deed executed by the seller in the public records and deliver the seller’s keys to the buyer.

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