The Mattress So Good, You’ll Be Late To Work

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Buying a mattress can be a daunting experience. There are about fifty thousand different kinds and they all look alike—white, ribbing on the top, maybe coils, maybe memory-foam. With cars, its so much easier. I know a Tesla has more engineering and technology in it than a 1981 Gremlin does. That’s just a fact. What is there was a mattress that existed on those same principles? Enter the DreamCloud.

This mattress has the plush feeling of a warm hug, like tea on a rainy day, like not remembering if you need milk when you’re at the supermarket, and getting home to find just enough left. It’s so restorative and calming after a long day, there’s a chance it’ll do your taxes if you asked it to.

Yes, the DreamCloud has a lot of science behind it. Plenty of mattresses offer a bullet-pointed list on the tag of the tech that goes into sleeping. It would be simple to talk about the DreamCloud’s gel-infused memory foam, or patent-pending  “best rest” coils. That’s not what makes it the best mattress though. This is a mattress built for luxury lifestyle. From the cashmere top, to the tufted pillow-like upper layer, it’s a mattress that lives by and for those who prioritize comfort. 

Unlike most mattresses though, it’s a cost effective price for the level of luxury. Ranging from $1,075 for the full size to $1,499 for the California King, it’s a mattress that’s actually worth the money and that will last a lifetime. Yes, the purchase does come with a 1-year free trial, but if you need to return this mattress I’d assume its only because you refused to get up and go to work in the morning, choosing to stay in bed more. Hell, the company is so sure you’ll love this mattress, they’ve added handles to the sides so you can take it with you wherever you want a quick nap.

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