The Kitchenworks Presents A Timeless Kitchen In A Renovated Ranch

Susan Rocco

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Editor’s Note: Susan Rocco of The Kitchenworks talks to Haute Design about one of her team members’ amazing project in East Fort Lauderdale

Kitchenworks Nov2019 1Photo Credit: Matt Horton, Horton Photography

Just a little over one year ago, one of our very own designers here at The Kitchenworks, Oscar Corona, decided to undertake a major renovation of a typical ranch house in East Fort Lauderdale. With a growing family, the desire was to take an existing home in its original condition, with its dark and segmented rooms, and update it to fit the lifestyle of a modern family.

The new plan reimagined every interior space to create an open floor plan while enhancing natural light and views to the outdoors. Central to the design was a new transitional kitchen with an updated classic aesthetic.

Kitchenworks Nov2019 2Photo Credit: Matt Horton, Horton Photography

With this in mind, the color palette is neutral and accented with dark-stained walnut. Traditional elements like the shaker door style, cove crown, and island posts give the design a timeless feel while more contemporary details like slab top drawers, walnut surrounds in the niches, and more modern hardware give the space a more contemporary appeal. Luxe touches like the walnut cabinet interiors and a custom metal hood enhance the overall design.

The working part of the kitchen aligns the range and sink in order to maximize functionality. Placing the main sink at the island helps to keep the cook engaged with any activity, whether it’s serving a family breakfast or putting the finishing touches on a dinner party.

Kitchenworks Nov2019 3Photo Credit: Matt Horton, Horton Photography

The refrigeration and bar are placed within a niche to one side. This allows others to access this space without getting in the way of any cooking and preparation. The fully integrated refrigeration is paneled in white so that it relates back to the main part of the kitchen while visually separating it from the bar, which is the focal point of this wall.

Opposite of the bar is another niche that helps to give balance to the overall space. The bottom has shallow storage which keeps items that are not used every day such as vases, cookbooks, and serving pieces. The top features a large television with a comfortable line of sight to both seating and prep areas at the island.

Photo Credit: Matt Horton, Horton Photography

In all, the kitchen was thoughtfully custom-designed to fit with the more dynamic lifestyle of the day. The transitional look will stand the test of time and maintain its appeal for years to come.

Photo Credit: Matt Horton, Horton Photography

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