The Kitchenworks: An edgy modern take on on a city loft kitchen

Susan Rocco

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Editor’s Note: This kitchen, designed by Haute Design member The Kitchenworks, is a play between clean, transitional shaker with the edginess of a city loft.

This young couple planned for their newly constructed home to be a loft-inspired take on South Florida comfort. They wanted it to be both edgy and family-friendly. The home features an open floor plan concept that melds the entertainment and living areas with the Kitchen. The result is the ideal atmosphere to gather and entertain – one large room under soaring ceilings, flooded by light through expansive glass doors and clear story windows.

Our team came into the project after the Architect and Builder had already fixed appliance and plumbing locations. These were nonnegotiable and thus we had to work our cabinetry configuration within these set parameters. Our challenge was to design a kitchen that was at once functional and creatively unique within a limited L-shaped footprint and location of major elements already decided.  Our creative freedom was further bound by the location and height of the clear story windows on the main kitchen wall, liming our cabinetry height. This posed a challenge that would require a creative solution in order to make the kitchen relate to the scale of the room.

It was our primary goal to achieve, within the builder’s limitations, a kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful. A kitchen that truly operates as the hub and centerpiece of the home’s main living area. This was facilitated by the design of a large and open island plan that allowed for plenty of seating as well as decorative storage, inviting social interactions and welcoming the display of the homeowner’s treasures to inspire interest and conversations. Another important design goal was to make the Kitchen cabinetry elements look and feel taller than they are. Because the clearstory windows were so large, they limited the height of the cabinetry on one wall to lower than we would have preferred. By designing a large and unique custom hood as a centerpiece of the wall, we were able to anchor the eyes to a design element that was proportionate to the size of the room. Adding the tall walnut wrap around the refrigerator also helped balance out the cabinetry heights and elevated the rest of the Kitchen visually.

This kitchen is a play between clean, transitionalshaker with the edginess of a city loft. There is a crispness brought by the White Painted cabinets and warmth brought through the addition of Natural Walnut highlights. The grey concrete floors and subway-tile clad hood and backsplash ease more industrial elements into the design. The beautiful walnut trim woodwork, striking navy blue island and sleek waterfall countertop live in harmony with the commanding presence of professional cooking appliances.The warm and storied character of this kitchen is further reinforced by the use of unique floating shelves, which serve as display areas for treasured objects to bring a layer of history and personality to the Kitchen. It is not just a place for cooking, but a place for living, entertaining and loving.

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