The Infrastructure of Health, Redefined: A Conversation with kliniko’s Dr. Humza Arif

Humza Arif

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A devotee of art and architecture seen through the lens of dentistry, Dr. Arif provides full mouth rehabilitation encompassed in an unsurpassed clinical experience.

Dr. Humza Arif

Photo Credit: kliniko


Haute Design: What can you tell us about the kliniko Miami Cosmetic Dental Office since we last spoke?

Dr. Humza Arif: The team’s efforts and collaborations have been ongoing. The infrastructure we are creating is truly bespoke, as dental offices as we know, have almost been stuck in time. Very few around the world have truly been able to break through the mold of what really seeing your doctor is about. The world of health and design are ready to merge. The infrastructure we are building at kliniko will help support that vision.

HD: It is fascinating to see how oral designs will reflect the architectural breakthroughs kliniko is making. What are some things your patients will be able to experience when optimizing their health in dentistry or getting veneers?

Dr. HA: The project at kliniko Miami in cosmetic veneers, at its core, is built on the cornerstones of architecture. How does one capture an essence and make it timeless? Being in the world of dentistry backed by a foundation in architecture, the human form becomes the project site. It is where architecture literally becomes living. For instance, veneers are curated uniquely in every experience and must integrate into a person’s functional form. We use our mouths countless times in a lifetime – every experience becomes a piece of living art with kliniko.

Photo Credit: kliniko

HD: kliniko – a living art gallery. What can your patients/clients expect?

Dr. HA: Exactly that. We are a living art gallery and to complement, all my patients will have a bespoke experience tailored to their individual needs. A blank canvas handled with professionalism and the utmost sensitivity to needs, those who are part of the culture at kliniko will come to expect more from the world of dentistry – that is what kliniko is about. From the aroma and scents when first stepping off our elevator, to the greetings and your favorite beverage at the ready before your dental office visit, kliniko will be an escape, time given back to you, while refreshing your dental needs.

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