The Golden Touch: A Closer Look At This Swanky New York City Apartment Designed By Acclaimed Designer Tina Ramchandani

Tina Ramchandani

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Between the modern, yet simplistic, dining room and the chic and sophisticated bathroom, Tina Ramchandani yet again has achieved what she is best known for — designing a residential space that is modern, sophisticated and relaxed. It’s no surprise Ramchandani is one of New York City’s most sought-after interior designers. The visionary mastermind behind the acclaimed full-service design firm, Tina Ramchandani Creative, turns any space she touches into a beautifully-decorated oasis. Here, we’re taking a look at the designer’s latest project in the heart of New York City, featuring golden hues and modern touches that make this residence the ultimate design enthusiast’s dream home.

Photo courtesy of Tina Ramchandani

HR: What was your inspiration for this project? 

Our client was looking to create a New York City sanctuary to retreat to, when in town on business. Both husband and wife were introduced to the newly constructed building, 160 Leroy and were attracted to the inspiration behind the building’s architecture. We used that as our foundation – we wanted to continue Ian Schrager’s original inspiration (curvaceous, sensual, free-flowing, seductive and sexy) throughout the home.

Photo courtesy of Tina Ramchandani

HR: Can you tell us a little bit more about the color scheme? 

We took inspiration from the sky and the sea when creating a color scheme for the home. In the living and dining, we kept the space neutral and created a cloud-like atmosphere. The custom curved sofa mimics the cloud shapes you see through the floor to ceiling windows, and the Gingko Leaf chandelier floats in the space. We used darker blues and sky colors in the den, creating a crisp, clean space, and sea-green layers that reflect the river in the master bedroom which cocoons the room.

Photo courtesy of Tina Ramchandani

HR: What was the biggest challenge within this space? 

We were introduced to the home while it was still in construction, so we were designing based off of floor plans and visits to the model apartment. We weren’t able to enter the home until construction was complete, and at that point, everything was designed, constructed and ready to be installed. I had to be very deliberate about learning the elements of the space, and imagining the finished project, as I couldn’t step foot inside.

Photo courtesy of Tina Ramchandani

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