The Art of the Mix: Designer Tips on Mixing Metals, Marbles and More

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Styles are ever-evolving. Whether it’s a quick redecoration for the upcoming holiday or a need for full-fledged renovation, the crave for change awaits. With the help of interior design experts, we’ve compiled insights and the perfect product picks for your home’s next remodel. Four designers from across the country have cooked up the recipe on how to perfect “The Art of the Mix,” creatively combining colors, materials and finishes to give interiors the timeless, elevated revamp they deserve. Take a look at what the experts have to share:

KOHLER Tone Kitchen faucet in matte black and modern brass

Photo Credit: KOHLER

Plumbing & Hardware: Be Bold with Different Metals
Lori Paranjabe, Mr. Paranjabe Design + Interiors | Nashville, TN

Nashville based designer, Lori Paranjape, of Mrs. Paranjape Design + Interiors takes us on the unorthodox path of hardware and finishes. Just like jewelry, people usually stick to either silver or gold pieces. Only the trend setters can pull off mixing metals. So why not be a trendsetter in your own kitchen? If you do it the right way, combining different finishes can completely elevate a space and make it extremely unique.

Neural & Somnia from the Dekton Onirika Collection

Photo Credit: Cosentino

Surfacing: Embrace Contrast
Nina Magon, Nina Magon Studio | Houston, TX

Mixing surfacing materials in one space creates visual intrigue and helps define different zones – especially in spaces with larger footprints. I have an affinity for contrast and the depth and drama it brings to a space, so my favorite combination of surfaces currently is Neural and Somnia from the new Dekton® Onirika Collection, which I recently designed in collaboration with Cosentino. Its durability makes it my go-to not only for countertops, but walls, floors–even cabinetry and furniture. Its applications are endless.

Sartus Bathroom Collection

Photo Credit: Sartus

Photo Credit: Sartus

Cabinetry: Lean into Monochrome (With Dimension)
Lorena Polon, Senior Designer Consultant with MandiCasa | New York, NY

Thanks to Lorena Polon, New York based Senior Designer Consultant with MandiCasa, attention is drawn to monochromatic aesthetics. Incorporating a single color or finish throughout a space can be bold and striking. By sourcing various textures and materials throughout the space, it can help keep the space balanced while also creating pieces that stand out on their own among the blended color palette.

Pepperdine Lamp (White Marble)

Photo Credit: Arteriors Home

Saginaw Chandelier

Photo Credit: Arteriors Home

Shay Chandelier

Photo Credit: Arteriors Home

Lighting: Mix Materials to Compliment and Contrast
Kate Feather, Design Director with Arteriors | Dallas, TX

Kate Feather, Design Director with Arterior, finishes off the redesign by adding lighting into the mix. When it comes to statement lighting, we take even more inspiration from the contrasting matrials. Like finishes and surfaces, the mixing of metals and textures can add weight and a powerful impact, drawing the eye to the room’s centerpiece.

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