Thanksgiving Luxury Home Décor    

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Photo Credit: Sotheby's International Real Estate

Each Thanksgiving holiday seems to anticipate the utilizing of rustic-styled trends from prior years. However, if you can't stand the thought of another year of plastic cornucopias; Thanksgiving-related color palettes (orange and gold); rustic table settings; seasonal gourds, vegetables and fruits; there's good news: Thanksgiving decorations can actually be chic and stylish.

This year, take your Thanksgiving celebration to the next level with these home décor tips that will enhance the festivities in your home while maximizing your home's elegance.

Warm Lighting and Fresh Flowers

Photo Credit: Sotheby's International Real Estate

A combination of fresh flowers and warm lighting is the key for a perfect Thanksgiving celebration. Such details always say so much - about you, your home and your desire to welcome your family and friends.

Make sure to use natural elements at your Thanksgiving table: wood accents, sleek white ceramics, add to the beauty of your holiday table and home décor.

A Chic, Minimalistic Holiday Table

Photo Credit: Sotheby's International Real Estate

Table décor that's bare and minimalistic creates a chic and classy look in any home. In most households, Thanksgiving is basically about maximizing — the bigger and crispier the turkey, the better; the more seasoning in the stuffing, the better; the larger the pecan pie, the better; the stretchier our pants, the better. It’s go big and stay home time.

So, why not change things up this year? Minimalist decor is just what this year's holiday table needs to balance out the grandiosity of everything else. This Thanksgiving, let the tasty food be the centerpiece by setting a chic, modern table.

 A Pop of Color

Photo Credit: Sotheby's International Real Estate

Opt for a glam Thanksgiving this year by invoking a refined elegance and a sleek calm, burnt-orange color. Shades of tangerine, marigold and lime green refresh the time-honored Thanksgiving color palette of orange, yellow and burgundy. Tangerine combos definitely set the perfect scene for an indulgent, glamorous holiday.

Out-of-the-Box Centerpieces

Photo Credit: Sotheby's International Real Estate

Short on time? An array of pumpkin spice candles on your Thanksgiving table can transform the table in seconds.

Replace those large floral centerpieces and cornucopias with some modern options: potted succulents and fresh herbs. Plants add a vibrant green color, various textures and pleasant odors to a room; fresh herb plants combine the senses of sight, smell and taste into one brilliant sensory experience.

 Warmth With Wood Accents

ThanksgivingPhoto Credit: Sotheby's International Real Estate

Wood accents effortlessly create a lush setting. The most elegant juxtaposition is created amongst wood, vintage china and crystal glassware.

How about using some personalized place cards or miniature flower arrangements on each of your guest's plates to celebrate this season of giving and thanks before anyone even lifts a utensil?

 Copper Instead of Gold

Photo Credit: Sotheby's International Real Estate

Copper also offers a new spin on the traditional Thanksgiving color scheme, offering a sleek sophistication. Use copper vases to house vibrant flowers or fresh herbs. Perhaps, spray paint some mini-ceramic pumpkins copper instead of gold?


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