Stefano Balli Sits Down For Q&A On What Sets Balli Group Apart

Balli Group

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Editor's Note: Balli Group is a boutique, vertically integrated development firm that incorporates architecture, interior design, construction, and development. The firm, which is a family business comprised of father-son duo Giorgio and Stefano Balli, has curated some of South Florida’s most notable private residences with over 300 completed projects. Balli Group’s holistic approach creates a turnkey, personalized experience, and unique vision for their clientele.

Today, Stefano Balli answers a few questions from Haute Design.


Giorgio Balli & Stefano Balli

Photo Credit: Balli Group

How did you get into real estate development?

Originally, my intentions were to go into private wealth management, but I realized within a short period of time that it was not a true passion of mine. I found myself leaving the Business School at Florida International University to join the Architecture School. One afternoon after a large final studio presentation, it hit me. Real Estate Development is that balance between my passions - Architecture and Finance. I graduated from the School of Business with focuses in Finance and Real Estate. That year in Architecture school carved out my true passion.

What is the legacy of Balli Group?

Balli Group is a legacy company. My Grandfather, Giorgio Balli Sr., arrived from Lima to California in the early seventies and never looked back. A few years later, he arrived in Miami and designed most of Cocoplum and Gables Estates in the early eighties. Soonthereafter, my Father, Giorgio Balli Jr., joined the company and exponentially grew it to have designed and built over 300 Luxury Custom Homes all of South Florida. Over the years, we've been able to expand our services to our clients to now become a fully-integrated development firm. Balli Group will continue to produce its high-quality level products for decades to come.

What trends have you been seeing and incorporating into your projects?

Given the current conditions, at-home gyms, spas and offices are at the top of the list. One item I’ve been focusing on incorporating into our upcoming projects is technology integration within our projects.

Where do you see the company going in five years?

I see the company continuing to lead the South Florida’s Residential Luxury Market while branching out into Commercial Markets.

Hammock House

Photo Credit: Balli Group

What has been one of your favorite projects to date?

This is a very difficult question because each and every project is so unique and special in its own way. One of my favorite projects to date must be Hammock House, a beautifully appointed Tropical Modern compound located in the gated community Hammock Lakes. What made us purchase the property was the abundance of mature oak trees (70+). This created a challenge during the design phase, but Giorgio managed to design everything around and between the oaks - creating an incredibly surreal experience once inside the home. The success of this project lead to a recording breaking sale prior to the project’s completion. One of our next projects will be located in the gated community Snapper Creek Lakes and we anticipate a completion date of 1Q 2023.

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