Special Elements For Kitchens By Valcucine

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Valcucine kitchens are among the world's finest. Here, Valcucine gives focus to the relationship between people and their kitchen, a nutritive one if ever exists with a room in one's home.


Hausscape Valcucine Nov2019 1Photo Credit: Courtesy of Valcucine

Special Elements

Innovation at the service of man, expressing needs that change over time.

Continuous research into improving people’s daily interactions with their kitchen has led Valcucine to make over spaces and reinvent ergonomics, planning new user experiences through their ’Special Elements’ range.

Functionality is extended by countless customization possibilities because each kitchen is as different as the talent of its user.

Aerius Wall Unit

A touch of the hand and the ultra-slim door opens upwards, like a wing in flight, thanks to the force of gravity exploited by the balancing structure. On the inside, a single side panel leaves more space for storage and provides visual harmony. On the outside, the refined smoked glass finish enhances the light and airy appeal of this cabinet.

Hausscape Valcucine Nov2019 2Photo Credit: Courtesy of Valcucine

Air Logica System

The accessorized back panel with its sliding door enables the use of deeper base units. The door glides noiselessly upwards revealing an integrated cooker hood and a light panel at the back which increases visibility on the worktop and conveys a wonderful feeling of space to the entire food preparation area.

Hausscape Valcucine Nov2019 3Photo Credit: Courtesy of Valcucine

New Logica System

The upper lift-up doors and the lower, downward-sliding doors open and shut gently to reveal all the accessories of the back panel, a patented element that can be equipped to meet the user’s requirements and can even house a cooker hood.

For more on Valcucine, visit www.valcucine.com.

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