Simple Luxury By Vanessa Nunez

Vanessa Nunez Allez

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This apartment is located in South of Fifth, designed for a couple as a second home, with the perfect view to the Ocean. A natural color palette was used to create a simple elegance, with a mix of Italian and Brazilian furniture. The entire apartment has Marble Royal Cream, high ceilings, walls were covered with natural colors and textured wall paper.

With an open design concept to the living room, we use leather in sofa, ottomans and accent chairs easy to keep fresh with clean lines. For lamps shade we used black shades to give a dramatic touch, and cowhide rug to knot the space.

Master bedroom has a lot of character, we installed a textured wallpaper with a leather bed with a very tall headboard. Again, black shades and a dramatic rug with intense pattern. Nightstand and dresser is in walnut wood with Italian lines. Balcony was designed following the colors of the beach sand, and water. With rattan furniture from Brazil, to give a fresh look.

Dining completely integrated and spectacular view with a glass top table with a dramatic dark Oak wood base and leather chairs with clean lines but comfortable at the same time.

Photos courtesy of Vanessa Nunez 

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